A guide for supporting LGBTQ Presbyterians seeking ordination and calls

Since 2011, Presbyterian polity has allowed LGBTQ pastors to be called to serve openly. But few congregations have called these pastors and committees are still ill-equipped to support them.

For a decade Parity has served this community. In 2014 we undertook an ambitious project to survey, record, and share the nuanced experiences LGBTQ folks deal with as they navigate the process of ordination and being called as pastors.

I think our lives and expression are opportunities to be curriculum, so that they can grow in their understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people.

Through this 37-page resource, written by the Rev. Mieke Vandersall, we now share what we discovered, covering the topics of being used, the closet, our hopes and joys, and more through direct anecdotes and common themes.

Now is the time to equip yourself, your congregation, and your committee to live into the new era our more inclusive ordination standards allow!

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