Paul is Called to Serve!

When Paul came out to his mother she had two concerns. She knew he was called to ministry in the Presbyterian Church and she knew he was called to be a father; she didn't think he would be able to do either. After following careers through filmmaking and banking, Paul began Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York in 2005. After learning about Presbyterian Welcome through attending an event we organized featuring three out ministers, he realized that at least one of his dreams could come true. Under our guidance and taking advantage of the LGBTQ Inquirers and Candidate community we coordinate, he began to follow the path towards ordained ministry.

When 10A was passed, removing the last of the legislative barriers to ordination for LGBTQ individuals in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Paul agreed to tell his story on MSNBC. Click here to listen to what he had to say:

Paul on MSNBC

This many years later Paul and his partner, Joe, are fathers to a beautiful girl, Ellie. Also, the news is just in that Paul's family is moving to California as he will be ordained into the position of Pastor of Sausalito Presbyterian Church.

This is what he wrote in telling us of this new call:

My deep gratitude goes to you, all the Board Members, the staff and volunteers, the members and member churches, and of course the funders, of Presbyterian Welcome for the tireless work that has been done to bring the church to this important place. While so many have done so much, I single you out for the role you have taken over these past many years to keep the thirst for justice alive in each of us; to hold out a vision of hope and success even in the face of bitter defeats; and to provide the love, confidence and nurture to not only myself, but candidates and inquirers, and closeted clergy around the nation.

Personally, your commitment to seeing this day become a reality for me, as well as your unwavering faith in my call, has helped propel me forward despite what looked like a legislative impossibility for much of my journey. My understanding of church and being a pastor has been enriched by your mentorship. My heart has been greatly warmed by your friendship.

Paul asks you in this incredible year to support our work with a year-end, tax deductible donation. We have many LGBTQ Inquirers and Candidates who will follow in his footsteps needing support. We have the great advances of this year to protect and continue.

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