Writing "GAY" in Ashes

What would you do if someone asked you to write "gay" on their forehead in ashes?

John and Joey Boots

Check out John Russell Stanger's Huffington Post essay about our Ash Wednesday experience in Union Square, Manhattan.

Many queer people walk away from the only kind of church they ever know, and they never look back. But Joey, with his boldness to integrate the faith of his childhood and the sexuality with which God has blessed him, has forever reframed Lent for me.

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And here's what Queerty had to say about our Ash Wednesday witness:

If you’re not Christian, you might have been startled by the sight of so many people with black smudges on their forehead this week. No, it wasn’t a Walking Dead convention, it was Ash Wednesday, signfiying the beginning of Lent.

Many LGBT Christians feel particularly strained from their faith on days like Ash Wednesday, but the group Presbyterian Welcome brought the sacrament to New York’s Union Square, where they distributed ashes and offered prayers.