March 7: This Week @ Welcome

This week Mieke and I have done some writing we're excited to share with you. Go over to Huffington Post and comment on Mieke's article about learning to come out as Christian. Her powerful post is a series of stories being shared by the team making the documentary film Out of Order about our work. You can also check out my article about the connections between being present and doing justice. Though we've had the justice of marriage equality in New York for a couple of years, the struggle of same-gender-loving couples has now reached the federal level and there are plenty of ways for New Yorkers to be involved.

Along with the Covenant Network of Presbyterians and More Light Presbyterians, we've signed on to the amicus briefs that will go before the Supreme Court.

If you're around the City March 26, join us for the Interfaith Rally to Repeal DOMA. This will be an important time for all people of faith to join together in the West Village on the eve of the Supreme Court's vote to witness to the Divine's love for all people.

We've teamed up with the Covenant Network of Presbyterians for their New York City Regional Conference on April 6 to bring attorneys Doug Nave and David Boies, the latter of whom will be fresh off his time arguing for justice before the highest court in the land.

But marriage is far from the only justice issue facing LGBTQ people. Forty percent of homeless youth identify as gay or trans, a hugely disproportionate number who are at high risk of human trafficking and suicide. The Shelter of Peace is holding a fundraiser, Bowling for Beds, to help raise money for homeless LGBTQ youth. Join me and others this Sunday at 3 to help make sure every youth has a soft place to lay their head. Email me at for more information.

Finally, Not So Churchy is just around the corner on March 18. Join us at 6:30 for an evening of fellowship and worship!

We hope you're as encouraged as we are by all the energy moving toward justice right now. If you have anything you'd like us to share, email me.

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Peace, John Russell Stanger Organizer of Mission & Advocacy