We're Out of Order!

We could never have guessed the story of our ministry with LGBTQ Inquirers and Candidates and same-sex couples would be told in such a big way.

The Out of Order documentary team has been hard at work on their fundraising campaign and released a new trailer Friday that is just too moving not to share with you!

As they near their goal of $20,000 (with only 63 hours left!), enabling them to continue filming the journeys of Mieke, Alex, and Kate, we hope you will consider joining the 180 supporters as a gesture of your belief that this is a story the world must hear. 

In the trailer you probably noticed glimpses of Mieke officiating the marriage of two men who came to her from Atlanta. Inspired by them and otherrecent experiences with same-sex couples, she wrote a prophetic piece for Believe Out Loud about how same-sex marriages can build a stronger church.

You'll also want to check out another essay at Believe Out Loud written by Christy Pessagno, one of the videographers that made that beautiful trailer for Out of Order.

We hope you're as excited about all of this as we are. Took keep up with everything we're doing, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Peace, John Russell Stanger Organizer of Mission & Advocacy