March 22-24, 2018

Chicago, IL

at & in partnership with

McCormick Theological Seminary

For over a decade, Parity has been creating space for LGBTQ emerging leaders seeking to follow their call into ministry. 

We know that discerning our call into (or out of) ministry is a complicated and circuitous journey to navigate. We know that the search for a place where our gifts are accepted and our calls validated is filled with far too much discrimination, rejection, and disappointment. We know that around half of all pastors—queer or straight—do not make it past five years in an ordained position, made even more difficult when under scrutiny or tokenized for being LGBTQ. Year after year, we offer space for all of these experiences and more through workshops, small group discussions, worship, and fellowship.

This retreat is a time to recover some of the transformative gifts for ministry that we bring as LGBTQ people. 

We invite you to join us this March in Chicago for a long weekend with a truly unique community.

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