Meet Our Honorees: Mariaisabel Zweig

Mariaisabel Zweig is a recent graduate of Brooklyn College and an aspiring clinical psychologist. She is a volunteer at Rainbow Heights, an advocacy program for LGBTQ adults requiring mental health services, where she leads a theatre group and Heights Hill Mental Health Services. She is also a youth advisor and company member of Theatre Askew, the only professional theater company in the New York area that offers an educational program specifically for LGBTQ youth. 

Mariaisabel became a cantor at the Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY when she was 16. Although she no longer identifies as a person of faith, Mariaisabel has been an active participant in Parity’s youth program, attending workshops and most recently, producing our new podcast. Mariaisabel contributes greatly to Parity’s mission to provide safe spaces where gender and sexual identity are treated as divine gifts that should be sources of joy and celebration, not shame and isolation.