From April 7-10th, LGBTQ folks pursing and recently ordained to ministry will gather at our 11th annual Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Pastors to experience fellowship, worship and training in a supportive and healing environment. We’re pleased to share the leaders who will participate in our 2016 retreat. They need your support to cover the cost of their travel and attendance at the retreat. Support LGBTQ church leaders by giving today!

Name: Ashley Birt

Location: Bronx, NY

Name: Jared Chase

Location: Seattle, WA


Name: MK Dean

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Name: Dan Hammer

Location: Seattle, WA


Name: Jenny Peek

Location: New Haven, CT

Name: Brian Entz

Location: Louisville, KY



Name: Anonymous in Minnesota

Location: Minneapolis, MN


Name: Wil Reinowski

Location: Lafayette, IN


Name: Katie Styrt

Location: Rochester, NY


Name: Daniel Tipton

Location: Knoxville, TN


Name: Anonymous in Virginia

Location: Arlington, VA