Five affirming messages for LGBTQ folks.


We've released a series of “Queer + Christian” videos designed to help queer youth reconcile their sexuality and gender identities with their faith.

We need YOU to watch, share, and comment, letting us and others know what you think about these messages of holy affirmation!

Traditional cultural and religious perspectives on queer sexualities and genders often produce internal discord for young people and conflict in their families and communities. All too often, even in LGBTQ-affirming churches, leaders lack the understanding and experience needed to effectively support queer youth as they cope with these cultural crosswinds. With LGBTQ youth facing high rates of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide, the videos seek to address the challenging issues that young adults face when they are Christian and LGBTQ-identified.

The “Queer + Christian” series can be viewed and shared freely on YouTube. Topics include defining the contradictions and opportunities when you are queer and Christian, exploring reasons why LGBTQ stay in the Christian church, answering difficult questions about LGBTQ representations in the Bible, and how to care for yourself as a young, queer Christian. Hosted by the Rev. John Russell Stanger and youth advocate Candace Simpson, the videos offer informative and hopeful messages about expressing one’s full self within communities of faith.

The Rev. John Russell Stanger said, “’Queer + Christian’ offers young LGBTQ adults an accessible foundation from which to explore issues of identity and faith. And it offers parents and youth ministry workers theologically sound tools to help them address the pastoral concerns of queer youth.”

The videos were funded by The Small Change Foundation and The Palette Fund.