Queer Faith Allies, Advocates and Activists Network


LGBTQia persons who are spiritual, religious and/or members of faith communities have a unique, important voice for social justice in the United States and beyond.  The LGBTQia movement has seen incredible gains, gains that can be harnessed for the benefit of other marginalized individuals and groups as well as for queer persons of color, bisexuals, transgender persons, homeless LGBTQia youth, and LGBTQia persons in rural and homophobic and / or transphobic regions.

What / How? 

“Faith to Face” topical workshops, and an online, free Queer Faith in Action Tool Kit (in development) that provides “how to’s” for organizing communities, from one day events to systematic regional transformation.  Mentoring from Parity staff and connections to a network of queer faith allies and advocates to provide accessible volunteers and supporters for initiatives.

Want to Help?

Parity is seeking volunteers to be part of a network throughout the United States and beyond who can help in times of need by referring LGBT youth and adults to services and, as needed, to stand up and speak out during times of injustice.