Queer Voices Preaching Contest

All LGBTQia persons have a story to share, a message to preach, a perspective that is unique and valuable.  Not every queer voice is allowed to be heard, and those that are intentionally silenced are often those that need the widest hearing.

An annual Queer Voices Preaching Contest will be held with regional and national winners, including a queer preaching showcase to be held in NYC. Entrants and trained volunteers may be part of the Queer Voices Preachers / Speakers Bureau to share their messages of inclusion with houses of worship and organizations of all kinds, nationally and internationally.  In conjunction with Pew to Pulpit, regional, national, ecumenical, interfaith, religion and denomination specific, age, demographic and interest specific retreats (regional and national) plus regional gatherings, workshops, conferences and webinars will be held to educate, build community and provide leadership opportunities.

More details to come!