Queer Lives Retreats


Expanding our successful Emerging Pastors Retreats, we will offer a wide range of retreats including in person and online, multi-day and short term retreats, as well as regional gatherings and workshops for LGBTQia youth, adults and elders, emerging social justice leaders, lay leaders, and individuals.  These events will be held in partnership with seminaries, colleges and universities, nonprofit and government organizations, business and corporations around a variety of LGBTQia and religion / spirituality and faith intersections, topics and ideas.

Join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to stay tuned as we announce topics and dates. If you have a great idea for a retreat space or have an idea for a new, please email us.  Parity seeks to provide not only the engaging and rewarding retreat experiences, but also to address the topics of most interest and importance in the United States and beyond.