Youth/Young Adult Theater and Arts Program


Parity is developing a new program to celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression of LGBTQ youth in both the theater and visual arts.  The program will connect the world of professional, community and school theater and arts programs with LGBT and allied youth to faith and spirituality through an annual theater festival and arts showcase. Experts from around the country are collaborating with Parity to design this program It will feature an annual theater festival including an NYC performance and an  arts showcase that will have regional exhibits and performances, including a digital repository of works by youth. Youth who are connected to faith communities as well as those who are associated with LGBT centers, GSAs and college and university LGBT centers are welcome to participate.  All participants will have opportunities for exhibition and scholarship awards.


Youth through age 24 who would like more information about participating in the theater project or the arts showcase, please email

Not a youth?  We are looking for mentors, judges and other volunteers to help!  Please email

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