Wholeness Project


The Wholeness Project transforms the lives of LGBTQ youth, adults and elders by providing faith communities and LGBTQ serving organizations with free, online and in person trainings, workshops and toolkits.


Too many youth, adults and elders are told that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and allied people are rejected, even hated, by God/a higher power, across religious traditions.  This false dichotomy often results in the loss of spirituality and faith in a LGBTQia person’s life, with corresponding ill effects. affecting all areas of family, profession, mental and physical health and community engagement.

What / How? 

An online, free “Wholeness Toolkit” (currently in development) consisting of spiritual assessment, individualized recommended religious / faith practices and options for faith communities and houses of worship.  The Toolkit will be appropriate for across the lifespan, with specialized multimedia educational, informational and social components, as well as recommended resources and guides for further exploration.


Parity needs volunteers to be part of a safety net for LGBT youth in need, as well as volunteers to serve as LGBT and faith ambassadors in their community.  We provide training and mentoring and networking opportunities. Interested?  Please email info@parity.nyc.