QYEEN: Queer Youth Entrepreneurs and Education Network


Are you an LGBTQia youth interested in art or design?

Are you an LGBTQia youth interested in earning money, learning about business or developing marketable skills?

Or are you simply someone who would like to help LGBTQia youth through sponsoring their education and entrepreneurship?

Parity is thrilled to announce the creation of QYEEN, the Queer Youth Entrepreneurs and Education Network, a new pilot working to prove a concept: that queer youth, unleashed, can reach new heights through the development of their own skills. QYEEN youth are creating affordable, handmade products by and for queer youth, their families, friends and supporters - and with special products made to order for churches, schools and companies.

We have released QYEEN’s first line of products, all designed, made and marketed by LGBTQia and gender nonbinary youth from all around the United States.

Meet three featured QYEEN artists and entrepreneurs:

We currently are recruiting queer identified youth between the ages of 12 and 24 to design, make, market, and sell queer friendly buttons, patches, and stickers. If you are interested in becoming involved with QYEEN, or simply interested in seeing the art of our young artists, please visit our Submission Page or contact us at qyeen@parity.nyc.