Reconciling Faith
and Identity

God made you. You matter. There are no barriers between you,
God, and the whole, full life you are called to live. 


We’re thrilled to announce we have selected our new Executive Director, the Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, who will lead us in our mission to help individuals and congregations reconcile sexuality, gender identity and faith.
Marian is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years’ professional experience serving youth and families in various denominations throughout the country. She is well known and highly regarded in the movement for LGBTQ equality, particularly where it intersects issues of faith. She is an ordained pastor, the co-founder of the LGBTQ Youth Continuum of Care, and previously served as Executive Director of OUTreach Resource Center in Ogden, Utah, and as the National Program Director of the Family Acceptance Project in San Francisco, California. Marian is relocating to New York City with her family from Salt Lake City, Utah, and will begin work at Parity on Sep.12.

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Our Mission


We work and pray for reconciliation, within our communities and within ourselves, so that we can create a world where gender and sexual identity are not barriers to living the whole, full lives that we are called to by God.


After 10A


Equip yourself by downloading our new resource


For over a decade we have served LBGTQ folks seeking ordination and calls.

Through this 37-page resource we are sharing what we've learned, covering the topics of being used, the closet, our hopes and joys, and more through direct anecdotes and common themes.



I attended your workshop. It’s what I’ve been craving all my life - to find a group of people who don’t think I can’t be who I am while still identify as a spiritual/religious person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to attending future Parity events. Can’t thank you enough.
— Mariaisabel, Youth
For the first time since I’ve come out, I have a place where everyone is queer, and I am completely safe. I don’t have to ask or question for a second whether someone will accept me. It was the most beautiful thing I could have asked for.
— Anonymous, Emerging LGBTQ Pastor
It brings real indescribable joy to be called a daughter
of God and a sister in our church.
— Hannah, Upon having her true gender identity recognized at Not So Churchy

My Contribution to Healing and 
Wholeness in the Church and World

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