Reconciling Faith
and Identity

God made you. You matter. There are no barriers between you,
God, and the whole, full life you are called to live. 


2017 New and Expanded Programs


Wholeness Project

The Wholeness Project will transform the lives of LGBTQia youth, adults and elders by providing faith communities and LGBTQia serving organizations with free, online and in person trainings, workshops and toolkits.


Virtual Support Groups

Led by volunteer clergy, therapists and supported by lay volunteers, the groups are for LGBTQia persons in need.  Dozens of groups are forming by affinity, region and demographics through the U.S. and nationally. 


Center in a Box

The Center-in-a-Box equips faith communities of all religious orientations to start community outreach to LGBTQia youth, adults and elders including:  youth experiencing homelessness, families with LGBTQia children, LGBTQia couples and families, persons at the end of life, gender exceptional children, LGBTQia identified refugees and their families, college/university students, seminary students and more.


Queer Voices Preaching Contest

An annual Queer Voices Preaching Contest will be held with regional and national winners, including a queer preaching showcase to be held in NYC.


Parity Speakers and Preachers Bureau

Emerging and seasoned faith leaders, lay people, social justice entrepreneurs and clergy share the prophetic, engaging, timely and educational messages with faith, secular, nonprofit, government and educational organizations, and are networked, trained and provided with ongoing support, workshops and retreat opportunities.


Pew to Pulpit

Parity will provide online, free tool kits with religion and denomination specific multimedia educational offerings to empower youth to become more involved in their faith community, along with regional workshops, seminary/academic opportunities, youth camps and retreats to support a path to leadership.


Parity Queer Lives Retreats

Expanding the successful Emerging Pastors Retreats, we will offer in person and online, multiday and short term retreats, regional gatherings and workshops for LGBTQia youth, adults and elders, emerging social justice leaders, lay leaders, and individuals.  These events will be held in partnership with seminaries, colleges and universities, nonprofit and government organizations, business and corporations around a variety of LGBTQia and religion / spirituality and faith intersections, topics and ideas. 


Queer Faith Allies, Advocates and Activists Network

“Faith to Face” topical workshops, and an online, free Queer Faith in Action Tool Kit provides “how to’s” for organizing communities, from one day events to systematic regional transformation.  Mentoring from Parity staff and connections to a network of queer faith allies and advocates provide accessible volunteers and supporters for initiatives.


Parity Youth / Young Adult Theater Project & Contest

Parity is starting a theater project that will connect the world of professional, community and school theater with LGBT and allied youth, faith and spirituality. Experts from around the country are collaborating with Parity to design a project that will feature in an annual NYC performance and involve youth who are connected to faith communities as well as those who are associated with LGBT centers, including GSAs.



Meet Our 2016 Honorees!


amanda bluglass

Film maker

rev. bertram johnson

Minister of Justice, Advocacy and Change

The Riverside Church in the City of New York

rabbi sharon kleinbaum

Senior Rabbi

Congregation Beit Simchat Torah


Our Mission


We work and pray for reconciliation, within our communities and within ourselves, so that we can create a world where gender and sexual identity are not barriers to living the whole, full lives that we are called to by God.


After 10A


Equip yourself by downloading our new resource


For over a decade we have served LBGTQ folks seeking ordination and calls.

Through this 37-page resource we are sharing what we've learned, covering the topics of being used, the closet, our hopes and joys, and more through direct anecdotes and common themes.



I attended your workshop. It’s what I’ve been craving all my life - to find a group of people who don’t think I can’t be who I am while still identify as a spiritual/religious person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to attending future Parity events. Can’t thank you enough.
— Mariaisabel, Youth
For the first time since I’ve come out, I have a place where everyone is queer, and I am completely safe. I don’t have to ask or question for a second whether someone will accept me. It was the most beautiful thing I could have asked for.
— Anonymous, Emerging LGBTQ Pastor
It brings real indescribable joy to be called a daughter
of God and a sister in our church.
— Hannah, Upon having her true gender identity recognized at Not So Churchy

My Contribution to Healing and 
Wholeness in the Church and World

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