New in Parity’s FaithForward Series:
Faith-based Approaches to
Preventing and Addressing LGBTQ Youth Homelessness
Volume 1 

The numbers of youth experiencing homelessness can only be estimated, but we do know for certain that LGBQ youth, transgender youth especially, are much more likely to experience homelessness than their peers. 
These are youth whose very survival depend on being hidden, often in plain sight.  One youth slept in a tree, in an urban area, next to a busy hotel.  Others find empty building to squat in, or sleep under bridges.  Some sleep hidden in parks.  You may see their tents.  You probably won't.  

Youth homelessness happens for many reasons, often poverty and family disruption are primary factors. LGBTQ youth homelessness often happens because parents kick their kids out.  Best estimates are that 42% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as as queer or LGBT, and 50% of those youth were kicked out by religious parents or families. 

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