In celebration of the brave souls of Stonewall in this 50th anniversary year, we are thrilled to introduce glitter blessings!

To share the love, we will send (completely FREE!) to the first 250 individuals and organizations one package of Glitter Blessings, suitable for sharing at Pride and other celebrations of LGBTQia people!

Each Glitter Blessings glass vial is filled with blessed, frankincense-scented holy oil from Jerusalem and biodegradable rainbow glitter, enough for 100 people to receive a blessing that celebrates LGBTQia people as beloved and created by a loving God.

Remember: YOU are loved, and blessed to be a blessing!

Do I need to be ordained or professional clergy to share a blessing?

  • No! You, wonderful, fabulous YOU - is blessed to be a blessing! We will include suggested blessings for you to say, or you can write your own! (Please send them to us to share, we will give you props and lots of love!)

If someone wants a glitter blessing, where do they go?

  • People can encourage their clergy and congregation to participate.

  • Individuals and organizations can share Glitter Blessings at pride events or anywhere that sharing love and light would be welcome!

Why are you doing this?

  • LGBTQ people are told the lie that God hates them and that they aren’t able to be LGBTQ AND a person of faith.  We know better!  Not only do we know fabulous LGBTQ people of faith (and are clergy and faithful ourselves) we also know that God loves everyone, including - maybe especially! - those Friends of Dorothy (code for, yes, you guessed it, fabulous LGBTQ people).

  • Glitter Blessings is an opportunity for clergy, faith communities and every day, beautiful and loving people to share that love of God with LGBTQ people and allies.  

  • The biodegradable rainbow glitter and blessed, frankincense-scented holy oil from Jerusalem is packaged in a beautiful glass vial, ready for you to share.  Each vial is shipped with love and blessings to you, for your community.

  • The public face of Christianity is often a face of intolerance - especially toward LGBTQ people. There are millions of Christians who believe that the Gospel commands us to love, not hate. Glitter blessings are a witness to an inclusive Christian message.

  • And - we are the Glitter+Ashes people! We know the power of the witness of love - God’s love for us, our love for each other!