Parity celebrates the spirituality, faith
and religious expression of LGBTQia people.

Our Mission:

Parity is a faith-based organization headquartered in NYC that creates open and nurturing spaces where LGBTQia people can reconcile their identities and faith. We work and pray for reconciliation, within our communities and within ourselves, so that we can create a world where gender or sexual identity are not barriers to living the whole, full lives that we are called to by God. We build bridges by partnering with a broad diversity of faith communities and work to foster understanding between traditionally rejecting faiths and LGBTQia people and their families. We create connections between the sacred and the secular by partnering with non-religious community-based organizations.

Our history:

Parity (formerly Presbyterian Welcome) was formed in New York City in 1997. Started by Rutgers and Jan Hus Presbyterian Churches, we advocated for more inclusive policies in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which excluded otherwise qualified candidates from ordained ministry because of their sexuality or gender identity.

For almost two decades, we have supported LGBTQia people of faith while creating a more equal and inclusive Church. We wrote language considered and passed by our General Assembly to remove restrictions for LGBTQia candidates, provided extensive educational and pastoral resources, and supported more than 100 LGBTQia individuals pursuing ordination. We worked tirelessly for years to change the definition of marriage in the Presbyterian Church’s constitution, which now includes same-sex marriage. 

In 2014 we changed our name to Parity, expanded our vision and mission to include denominations beyond our roots, and deepened our programs to ensure healing and resolution continues.

God made you. You matter. There are no barriers between you, God, and the whole, full life you are called to live.