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Parity provides workshops, events, mentoring and individualized training for churches, faith communities and organizations concerned with faith and LGBTQia identities. Our Wholeness Project affirms LGBTQia people, faith and spirituality, and empowers families and faith leaders to best support their LGBTQia members, constituents and loved ones. We specialize in helping bridge divides in theology and ideology through mutual respect.

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More resources for churches, faith communities and faith leaders:

Addressing and preventing LGBTQ youth homelessness

The numbers of youth experiencing homelessness can only be estimated, but we do know for certain that LGBTQia youth, transgender youth especially, are much more likely to experience homelessness than their peers.   

Youth homelessness happens for many reasons, often poverty and family disruption are primary factors. LGBTQ youth homelessness often happens because parents kick their kids out.  Best estimates are that 42% of youth experiencing homelessness identify as as queer or LGBTQia, and 50% of those youth were kicked out by religious parents or families. 

Click to read or download now, the next volume in Parity's FaithForward series, Faith-based Approaches to Addressing and Preventing LGBTQ Youth Homelessness.

Faith-based approaches to Preventing LGBTQ Youth suicide

Faith communities and faith leaders have a unique opportunity to help prevent LGBTQia youth suicide in their churches and houses of worship as well as in their broader neighborhoods and communities.    

Click to read or download now an excerpt from Faith Forward: Faith-based Approaches to Preventing and Addressing LGBTQ Youth Suicide, which provides tips and in-depth information for faith leaders of both traditional and LGBTQia affirming faith traditions.

Hands-on volunteer activitY: ministry of warmth for homeless LGBTQ youth

In partnership with The Turtle Shelter Project, Parity is providing funding and supports for faith communities, faith-based organizations and churches to make life-saving foam vests for youth and adults experiencing homelessness, especially LGBTQia identified youth who too often become homeless due to religious bias and bigotry.

The Homeless Youth Ministry of Warmth is a hands-on, volunteer project for all ages and abilities, from individuals to families to large groups.

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