Name: Jasolyn Harris

Location: Durham, NC

Affiliated Seminary: Duke Divinity School

Affiliated Denomination: UCC

I am a 3rd year divinity student who has been discerning which denomination to get ordained with for my entire time in seminary. With much prayer, help/guidance from mentors, and time, I have decided to seek ordination in the United Church of Christ. 

I currently work as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, however, I also am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (current active license in California). I feel called to pastoral care ministry in some sort of way. I am very open to what that can look like. I am currently interested in working in higher education possibly as a Chaplain, Field Education Coordinator, Program Director, Campus Minister or something along those lines. I could also see myself being a bi-vocational pastor, working as a part time clinician and/or Spiritual Director. I am excited about what God will do next and I am also anxious about it! 

My hope for the church is that there continue to be queer and trans leaders of color in its future. My hope is that the church could be a more inclusive space for persons holding multiple marginalized identities.

Dear Friends,

I would like to learn from other queer leaders of color in the faith. I would like to be around other queer leaders of color in the faith and engage in conversation and build stronger and broader community. I would really like to learn more about what other queer leaders of color are doing and how I could possibly get involved. Queer leaders of color are valuable leaders in the church, and it is important for my psyche for me to visually see this on a more consistent basis. I am also looking forward to the retreat which is during a fall break and I know it is going to be something I will need during that time considering the climate at Duke Divinity School.



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