Amazing logo courtesy of    Queer Virtue

Amazing logo courtesy of Queer Virtue

You can make your own Glitter Ashes with blessed ashes that have been purchased from a store or made by a local church, mixed with purple glitter (biodegradable recommended but not required). 

Read our FAQs below to learn more!

Prefer to order pre-made Glitter Ashes? That’s easy, too - click here to order!



1. What kind of store sells blessed ashes?  There may be a religious supplies store near you - do a search online to see what is close by, and if you decide to stop by or call them, ask for "Palm Ashes."  They may ask how much you want, and typically it is sold by how may people can be imposed with the ashes - meaning marking the sign of a cross on a person's forehead.

From one store's description of  what they sell: "Pure Palm Ashes, a delicate powder of finely sifted, triple screened 100% palm. Ash Wednesday is beginning of Lent. It is the time Christians mourn their sins and repent. The placing of ashes on the forehead shows their sincerity. This custom has been practiced in the Church since it's beginnings. All are packaged in resealable bags. Please Select Amount for 200, 500 or 1,000."  Prices vary, but are usually less than $10 for enough for 100 people.

You can also find them for sale online from many stores.  

2.  How much glitter should I add?  That is up to you, but we do recommend purple glitter be used (purple is the liturgical color of Lent).  If you want to mix in other colors as well the effect is beautiful - for some people having rainbow colors is very meaningful.  Try a little bit at a time and see what you like.  We used 3 parts ash to 1 part glitter, but that is up to you.

3. Should I add olive oil?  Some people do.  Glitter and ashes will adhere to skin, but varies according to skin type.  Adding olive oil makes it easier to adhere to skin, but it also can be messy to mix and use.

4.  What should I put it in?  We use a small clay pot made by a transgender youth. Think about what is meaningful to you and to the people you will be sharing ashes with.

5.  What if I have more questions?  Easy - send me an email: