QYEEN Submission Form

Interested in submitting? You’re in the right place! Our submission form is included below! Before you submit, however, we have a few requirements. We will pay you $3 for every image we accept, plus you will always own your art - and every year we will pay you $3 for each image that is still part of our product line. You will also receive 10 cents per image use…so for every 100 buttons that are sold with your image, that’s another $10. Not too shabby!

Art Guidelines:

You’ve got a lot of freedom when creating your design. Paint it, draw it, or create it entirely on the computer!
However, like most things in life, there are some rules:

1. The design you send must be print ready. Make sure your art is scanned in at high resolution (300dpi) if your design was done by hand.
2. Photographing it is not recommended - sometimes things show up a bit funky this way, but if you need to photograph it, make it as large as possible, and give us room between images if you are photographing more than one.
3. If your design is digitally done, perfect!
4. Next, make sure it’s saved in high quality, and make sure you’re using a program that will allow you to save your work as a .jpg, .gif, or a .png file. Digital programs like this include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and many others.

About the Artist:

We all want to know all about you!  Well, that’s creepy, so no…but we would love to highlight who you are as a person and artist in a special “About the Artist” section. In our submission form, we have included some questions that you can choose whether or not to answer. You are only required to include your name (a pseudonym is also totally fine), an author avatar, and your image.

Your author avatar can be whatever you like whether its you, a photo of your dog, an avatar, or something special to you. If you would like to use an image of yourself as your avatar and are under 18, we will need to to sign a photo release (just ask and we will send you one).

If you have question about the submission process or anything else, please contact us at qyeen.parity@nyc!

Name (Last Name Optional) *
Name (Last Name Optional)
Permission Agreement *
hereby grant QYEEN permission to use the images submitted for non-exclusive use on their website as well as on products produces with the intent to sell. I confirm that I have created the work submitted. The included artwork does not include hate speech or triggering images such as violence and assault. I understand that QYEEN reserves the right to not or reject use my image.