Name: Terry Washington

Location: New Jersey

Affiliated Seminary: Drew University Graduate School of Theology

During my lifetime I've never been fortunate enough to attend a conference like "Be the Hope."  I have heard and read about Bishop Flunder through Dr. J. Terry Todd Associate Prof. of American Religious Studies at Drew Theo School. 

I look forward to spiritual growth, empowerment, deeper informed God-centered life and to engage in a discussion about how to strengthen affirmation members and leaders focused on communication, inclusion, and reaching out to those who are isolated and marginalized. 

I hope to be able to dismantle the oppressive narrative which has plagued our faith communities for centuries; particularly in the African American church. How to facilitate the conversation. How the tale of intolerance has resulted in shame, substance abuse, and HIV infection. 
How do we start the conversation with a congregation which has conservative views on sexuality. "We're all apart of God's body."


Thank you!