Parity celebrates the spirituality, faith
and religious expression of LGBTQia people. 



We know that many people view faith and LGBTQia as incompatible… some are told you can’t be both spiritual AND LGBTQia or gender nonbinary.

We disagree! And not only do we disagree, we want to help.

Parity helps congregations and faith organizations, clergy, seminarians, denominations and seminaries become more LGBTQia sensitive and celebratory.

Parity also helps families, parents, youth, adults and elders to navigate what it means to be (or love) an LGBTQia person, and to have faith and flourish, too!

So what do we do?:

  • We empower new queer faith and social justice leaders

  • We help faith communities affirm and connect with queer people

  • We help LGBTQia organizations and communities to affirm spirituality

  • We promote LGBTQia religious liberty and freedom

We invite you to be in touch and to tell us your needs. We provide free individual mentoring and connections in every faith and to every part of the LGBTQia universe as well as retreats, workshops, classes, speaking engagements and more. Email or call/text 801-452-3674