Name: Meredith Cox

Location: Princeton, NJ

Affiliated Seminary: Princeton Theological Seminary

Last year was my first year attending this retreat, and I am still impacted daily from the conversations and community of that week. Given the space to be fully myself as both queer and called to ministry among others who identify this way, I was able to shed layers that were not authentic to myself and begin to rebuild my identity again. I know there is still work to be done, and I need this community to learn more of the beautiful ways that God has called queer people. I look forward to continuing to hear from those who have been through the ordination process and also to encourage those who are along for the ride with me.

Dear Friends,

This April, I’ve been offered the amazing opportunity to attend Parity’s 2016 Emerging LGBTQ Pastors Retreat. It is an incredible chance to join other LGBTQ people pursuing ministry, and recently ordained pastors in fellowship, worship and training.

Parity’s retreat gives people like me the unique opportunity to reconcile their identity and faith, and share and learn from one another in a supportive and healing environment. Within the last two years, six LGBTQ pastors from Parity’s community have been ordained -- their past participation and attendance at previous retreats helped them gain the confidence and spiritual support they needed to live into their calling.

I know I will benefit greatly from having that same life-changing experience, and this is where you come in. The gift you make today will go directly to covering the costs of travel, housing, food and training expenses for me to attend the retreat. I am truly grateful for any amount you can donate. Anything I raise over my goal of $750 will go to help others like me reconcile identity and faith. 

With deep appreciation,