From August 10-12, LGBTQ folks pursing and recently ordained to ministry will gather at BE THE HOPE, our annual Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Pastors to experience fellowship, worship and training in a supportive and healing environment. We’re pleased to share the leaders who will participate in our 2017 retreat. They need your support to cover the attendance. Support LGBTQ church leaders by giving today!

Name: Mads Benishek

Location: South River, NJ

My walk with God has pushed me to be courageous and honest with myself, uncovering my queerness layer by layer.... Read more.

Name: Max Hill

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Queer people have amazing gifts and ideas to offer the church.... Read more.


Name: Eli Mann

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

I am so looking forward to being surrounded by other Christians who feel enthusiastic about their ministry.... Read more.


Name: Sammie Smith

Location: Plainfield, IN

I want to attend because I've been having friction with the church lately and I want to meet and learn from people of faith who might have gone through similar situations.... Read more.


Name: Stephen Scott

Location: Washington, DC

Coming out had its own challenges for me as a person of faith in a mostly agnostic/atheistic gay community.... Read more.